My Life Prescription

People writing prescriptions for themselves are people writing their own life stories. I, at least every three months, look at my prescription again and renew it. And, I keenly suggest this to everybody.

First thing in the morning:

Mixed into a glass of water at room temperature the juice of a lemon or apple vinegar, and the current food supplements.


Trampoline, Sonic Wave, Inversion Device, stretching yoga movements. Then sauna.

Instead of breakfast:

A mixed drink of the juice of cucumber, wheatgrass, ginger, spirulina, black seed oil, lemon, turmeric.

Until lunch:

Herbal tea, green tea etc.

From lunch until dinner at 6 pm. Some snacks based on nutrition (pine-nut, almond, goji berry, walnut etc.) and a lot of water and Oolong tea…

Late afternoon:

A light sports and stretching exercise.

Evening, 6 pm.:

A vegetable-based dish, then continue herbal teas.

Before sleep:

I stop computer usage 1 hour before going to bed.

I listen to “deep sleep” from the Brain Wave 32 binaural programs app.

I take 15 mg. sublingual melatonin and sleep.

While traveling:

In my car and office, I keep herbal tea and high-nutrition snacks.

When I eat out:

I make my choice in the way of minimal damage. I eat short and sweet.


A glass, maximum two, of wine. Sometimes, alternatively, a single whiskey or cognac.


Maximum one shot of coffee a day (cocoa oil or coconut oil mixed in). The purpose is to prevent the sudden caffeine load by spreading the impact over a long time.

 Eating for pleasure:

I eat everything if I feel like it. However, I keep the frequency of it to an acceptable level. (Max. twice a week)

On vacation:

Balanced and free. If exaggerated, when back I start water-fasting or vegetable juice fasting.

When I eat for pleasure I take a lot of digestion enzyme, HCI acid.

In my general world approach: unconditional positive regard, gratitude, transferring my own ideas by approving and accepting people, making an effort to be constantly mindful, the effort of using “wise mind”.

My food supplement choices:

B3/Niacin, Pregnenolone, DHEA, enzyme, Bosmeric, Probiotic[1], B 12, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium[2], Iodine[3], Turmeric, Omega-3… (Changing with other supplements from time to time, all of which are herbal and in food consistency, meaning the original state has not been changed.)

And of course, consumption of a lot of alkaline / ionized water.

So, that was my recipe.  What About Your Life Prescription?

[1] Probably probiotics will gain more importance in the coming years. There are many unexplored functions of the flora of the intestines. When probiotics are given to pregnant women, the allergies in the child decrease via the flora of the intestine. When the intestinal microbes of people of average weight are given to obese people, sometimes the weight can decrease etc.

[2] There are works towards the fact that in a day, more than 1000 mg. of calcium supplement may increase coronary artery illness (heart vessel blockage).

[3] It is said that people who have thyroiditis (ex: Hashimoto illness) should not take an iodine supplement.