Are you ready for a transformation?

I am happy to announce that I will be hosting the “Lifestyle Change Retreat” between 20-29 September at The LifeCo Bodrum. During this retreat we will be focusing on the fundamentals of a better life as well as analyzing the difference between a holistic lifestyle and 21st century’s hectic lifestyle.

Hopefully, at the end of these 10 days, you will feel better equipped to cope with the challenges of the 21st century for the rest of your life. If you ever divert from this path, remember we are always here for you!

Why ‘Lifestyle Change’ retreat?

In today’s society, we are often away from nature, constantly being exposed to toxic substances and tending to lose self-awareness due to the frantic, manic rush.

As you journey through this retreat, you will become aware of how the life experience in the 21st century is so different to what nature had intended and how you can change your lifestyle for maximum health benefits.

This is a journey to gain consciousness, to design new routines that you can grow into. You will learn the elements necessary to get motivated towards your goals, acquire information that will guide you towards necessary change and empower you with the details you need to make those changes with ease and grace.

Holistic Yoga Instructor and Healthy Living Coach Gabriel (Gabe) Azoulay will be with us, along with our support team, assisting and allowing you to focus on some essentials for a better life such as; Nutrition, Environment, Mental Wellness and Flexibility. Gabriel will add practices and simple activities, based on behavioral psychology to support your immediate and long term goals. If you would like more information check from here.